MOD 11452

PAX Lap Strap Attachment-Revised.
To supersede PFA/047/MOD. 1 Sheet 1( PART ) dated 8 April 1998. To be used in conjunction with Mod 47-008-1. See also PFA letter daetd 8 April 1998

Modification Drawings

MOD 11453

Centre section cut out for pilot access.

Hinged flap alternative to 10352 or 11002

MOD 10495

Surface mounted rudder and elevator horns.

Mandatory if Mod 10353 fitted

MOD 10595

Double pulley assembly under rear seat for elevator cables. Single pulleys at sides of rear seat for rudder cables.

MOD 12654 

Large Wheels

Mod 12655

Tailwheel Assembly

MOD 12706

Rudder Pedals

MOD 13052

Rear Jury Strut

MOD 13061

Undercarriage Safety Strap